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Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm: Intellectual Foreplay

20 Mar

So did you hear  about ANOTHER reality show that VH1 is about to air called Couples Therapy?  It actually should be called Celebrity Couples Therapy because it is full of reality stars and has beens.

Even though I love the guy, I hate to see DMX on the show with his wife.  The network previewed this clip of him going crazy screaming “I NEVER WANTED TO GET MARRIED”.  The show also features Vienna Girardi who won The Bachelor season 14 with her current boyfriend, Kasey Kahl, who happens to be a former The Bachelorette season 6  contender. I even recognized this gay couple on there who starred in  The A list New York,  a reality show on Logo. There relationship was known to be based on the physical more than anything else.

As I was watching the preview of this show I contemplated on how destructive these relationships seemed. It looked like they didn’t even know how to communicate with one another.

Then I took it upon myself to Google intellectual love, which brings me to the topic of today’s show.  Upon my search I discovered Intellectual Foreplay. The link introduced me to this book, the title being the same as our topic with an author by the name of Eve Hogan (please view my prior post).  Maybe it was this Intellectual Foreplay these celebrity couples were missing.

Today on “The Love Hour” we will investigate what it really means to use Intellectual Foreplay.  Additionally, we will explore reasons why this method is so crucial to use before going the distance with someone you just met and guidelines on how to utilize the method.

Furthermore, expect our infamous zodiac sign sex tips and our Thought of the Day ( a new addition to the show).

To listen in go to wrnu.info and click LISTEN LIVE!!! To be on air call in @ 973 353 5746. Remember there is a link to listen via smart phone and we can now be heard on speakers throughout Rutgers-Newark campus.


Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm…

24 Jan

Today on the “Love Hour” we will be introducing East Orange, N.J native Lamar “Mar. Melo” Lucas, a 23 year-old  proclaimed rapper and ghostwriter of Yung Hu$tl3 Muzik GrouP (YHMG).

Throughout the show we will be officially airing his music, including his hot hit “Up and Away,” featuring Jay $padez and JuJu, two other talents of  YHMG.

Listen to “Up and Away”

Cover of "No Sleep" mixtape released Dec. 23rd

Mar. Melo will also be joining in on the topic of the night: “When Being a ‘Bitch’ Works”.  This topic was focused on in a previous post.

Keep up with Mar.Melo on Facebook, Twitter, and YHMG’s Youtube Channel.  Make sure to check out his other music releases on Soundcloud.com.

Tune in to the “Love Hour” tonight from 6-8pm by going to wrnu.info and clicking LISTEN LIVE.  We have also made it capable to listen to the show on your mobile device.  To be apart of the show call in at (973) 353-5746 to be on air.

Heidi and Seal are No More!

23 Jan

It is official.  The glorified pair, Heidi and Seal, the gazelle and songbird, has casually called it quits. This comes as a shocker to most since this newly separated couple had a reputation for finding new ways to put their love on display for the world to see.

Whether they were getting hot in heavy in Seal’s music video for the single “Secret,” performing a duet at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, annually renewing their vows of their seven-year marriage, or spotted with their four kids, their union looked unbreakable.

Heidi ann Seal with the children

At Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2007

The Today Show even reported to Heidi having a tattoo of Seal’s name, symbolizing her commitment to him.  Matt Lauer of the Today Show jokingly said Heidi has the option of being a spokesperson for Sealy’s Mattresses.   

When justifying the split, it was reported to be unanimous among the two that they have grown apart.  However, TMZ says this is not the case.

According to the entertainment news medium, it was Seal’s temper and career differences that drove this couple to disaster.

Seal and Heidi in the "Secret" music video

Regardless of what caused the demise of the Heidi and Seal reign, the age old lesson to be learned in this situation is not to judge a book by its cover because everything that glitters ain’t gold.

When Being a “Bitch” Works

22 Jan

When a woman takes on the “bitch” role, she may radiate the perception that she is holding on to baggage. This hard exterior can give off the impression that this woman doesn’t have the capability to maintain an enjoyable relationship.

However, partially due to popular culture, there has been talk that the “bitchy” attitude can possibly attract and keep interest.

Last week, while I was driving home from school and Hot 97 was blaring in the car, “Make Me Proud” by Drake came on for the millionth time and I took the chance to listen to the lyrics meticulously.  The words that grasped most of my attention were in the first verse.  They went as follows:

“ A little attitude problem all good, it’ll make the shit last.
Don’t make it too easy, girl, don’t take it too fast…”

These words got me thinking, do guys  really go for girls with an attitude?  Do guys really like “bitchy” girls?

Have you ever witnessed  a girl who had the worst attitude and still able to have a line of men groveling for her?  She is an ice princess who is indecisive with the personality of the stereotypical supermodel but lacks the supermodel look and still capable of snagging a man or two.

Instead of keeping  their distance from women like this, you can find men gravitating toward them whereas, when a woman is too nice, the interest of the man decreases by the minute.  It is almost as if the men like the abuse.

Although being the nice girl seems like an easy good ole’ time, a woman who is too nice may run the risk of failing to convey her self-worth.  It also can look like a desperate attempt to gain approval.  Agreeing with everything a man says is an example of an eager  attempt to get then to like you.  Men are competitive so they like a little opposition from time to time and women shouldn’t   be afraid to give it to them.

Since nice guys finish last, is it safe to say the same for nice girls?

After surveying a number of men, Sherry Argov dedicated her book,  Why Men Marry Bitches,  to her discovery that a woman  with an independent mind and doesn’t give in all the time is more alluring.

It is all based on human nature.

Men like a challenge. Just like a woman thinks they can make the jerk off turn over his leaf, a man believes he can one day capture the heart of the ice princess.  It is almost like Shakespeare’s  Taming of the Shrew, a guy always wants what they can’t have.  The thrill of chasing the unobtainable is far more exhilarating.

Women who fear being distinguished as a “bitch,” coincide the term with nagging, bickering, rudeness, insensitivity, and even abuse.  Yet, this is not the type of “bitch” that men have grown to love.

In Why Men Marry Bitches, Argov defines the word “bitch” as  a confident and secure woman.

On GuySpeaks.com, Nick Nadel, a sucker for mean girls who recalls having a crush on his babysitter who use to lock him in the closet, shares his annoyance with a society who labels women who are strong-willed as bitches (a topic for another day).

If you want to start being the “bitch” every man wants, remember these necessary steps (just to name a few):

1.  Never jeopardize what you like or who you are for anyone, especially   not a man.

2.  Be Protective of your feelings and your own happiness.

3.  Don’t fell pressured to be physical before you are ready.

4.  Keep yourself a mystery.

Do Men Really Prefer Bitches?

U Teach Ur Partner How 2 Treat U

10 Mar

All while looking on Facebook the other day, I burdened myself with thoughts of the past.  Specifically, the image of my ex came to mind.  What triggered this was the FB status of my cousin.  Her status said, “You teach people how to treat you.”  Even though my cousin’s know-it-all attitude irritates the hell out of me, I couldn’t deny the truth in her status.  In life you do teach people how to treat you and in romantic relationships… even more so.  When I say “teach” please try not to take it literally.  The type of teaching I am referring to does not require pencil and paper.  A significant other can simply learn how to treat you by observing your interaction with them.  If your partner does enough analyzing,  he/she can get to the nitty-gritty of your personality.  They can know your strengths, weaknesses, what makes you tick, and most importantly, what they can get away with.  For this reason, it is so crucial that right from the beginning of a relationship when a problem arises don’t brush it off with silence, instead speak out.

This was a hard lesson that I had to learn from experience.  While lingering on my cousin’s status, I flashed back to a time where I spotted the first red flag pertaining to my ex and I retaliated with silence (big mistake).  It was the late afternoon, classes were done for the day, and I walked to CVS with him.  As I searched for a particular item in the pharmacy,  he asked me to buy a Arizona Ice Tea for him.  With the impression that I would be swiping him into the campus cafeteria pretty soon, my immediate answer was a no.  I guess my answer ticked him off and as a result he responded with, “You cheap baster!”  Yes, this was the RED FLAG.  And how did I react to his verbal abuse?  I laughed.  I laughed because I genuinely thought his bratty outburst was  funny.  However, this is where I went wrong.  Rather than laughing, I should have demanded an apology and his respect.  Later that day he did apologize, but later on in the relationship the name calling became a habit and got worse.  If I nipped the problem in the bud right away, could things have been different?  The way a situation like this is handled can really set the tone for a relationship.

Wait A While…

10 Mar

Mimi and Eunice Comic

I’m not a true follower of the whole zodiac and astrology thing, but it is  quite scary how much truth can be found in this system of beliefs.  So I’m a Aries and apparently I fall in love record breaking fast.  According to astrology, I’m the type to rush into love.  When I take the time to look back on my past relationships,  this love drunk description of my zodiac sign seems accurate.  For example, as a junior in high school, I only knew a guy for  two weeks before he became my boyfriend.  We broke up a month later.

My past relationship that recently ended terribly, brings more truth to the Ariean “rush for love” stereotype.  My ex and I began dating the second month of knowing another.  In addition, I was just a freshman (I chose commitment over the freshman experience).  For three years we ran together strong.  Unfortunately by the end of that third year, the relationship took a toll and had an abrupt ending.  With the way things ended between us,  I questioned whether it was the right choice to jump into a relationship so impulsively.

The first three months of a relationship is considered the honeymoon phase.  Supposedly, a partner’s true self becomes exposed after the honeymoon phase.  Then to make matters more complicated, it is said to take six months to a year to really know your significant other.  However, it is common that this process could take longer.  So if I waited several months longer, would it have been possible to pen point the red flags that ultimately caused the demise of the relationship?  Would waiting have saved me the trouble?

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