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Today on ‘The Love Hour’: ROUGH SEX!

9 Oct

So what is rough sex? A majority of people give it the generic definition of ropes, whips, and handcuffs.  However, the definition could be a variation of things depending on all parties involved.  I’m sure if we asked a room full of people this question, we would get a widespread of answers based on their different experiences.

For some reason the topic has intrigued the masses.  Maybe it is because the subject is so taboo.  Then it could be that whole 50 Shades Of Grey book.  Either way, its popularity has given us the opportunity to discuss the reality and myths of the art rough sex.

In this show look forward to learning the different levels of rough sex, the do’s and don’ts, and how to incorporate it in your love life if necessary.

To tune in got to wrnu.info.  Call 973 353 5746 to be on air.


Today On “The Love Hour”: Keeping The Flame Lit

18 Sep

Today on The Love Hour (@theluvhour) we will be on air discussing the infamous topic on how to keep the relationship (or whatever it is) alive.  We will be sure to get a lot of insight from both sexes.

Part of it is figuring out the key to a happy relationship.  Is sex the most important factor? Rumor has it that sex takes up 80% of the relationship.

So what if the sex is bad? We will analyze whether that is an excuse to go elsewhere for pleasure. Would cheating be and option? What about an open relationship? How about swapping partners?  We’ll try and figure it out tonight.

Another outlet may be to explore ourselves. Can masturbation solve the problem?  There are certain techniques that definitely rock my world.

As a prelude to the topic we will be warming you up with zodiac descriptions and celebrity buzz.

This will go down tonight (Tuesday) 6-8pm.  Go to wrnu.info and connect.  Call in to be on air at 973 353 5746. Stay informed on our Twitter page @theluvhour.

Today on “The Love Hour,” from 6-8pm: “Battle of the Sexes: The Games We Play”

24 Apr

Nowadays one sex is as complicated and complex as the other sex. In the past, women were suppose to be the big mystery while the men were as straight forward as they come. However, recent developments have suggested that women are left with big questions marks in their heads when dealing with their male counterpart. While men are still wrapping their heads around the games women play, women currently struggle with the tricks up the male sleeves.

Today on “The Love Hour,” from 6-8pm, we will be discussing the games both sexes play, how to see right through them, and how some games are worth the while.


Go to wrnu.info and click LISTEN LIVE!! To be n air call us @ 973 353 5746.

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