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Today On “The Love Hour”: Keeping The Flame Lit

18 Sep

Today on The Love Hour (@theluvhour) we will be on air discussing the infamous topic on how to keep the relationship (or whatever it is) alive.  We will be sure to get a lot of insight from both sexes.

Part of it is figuring out the key to a happy relationship.  Is sex the most important factor? Rumor has it that sex takes up 80% of the relationship.

So what if the sex is bad? We will analyze whether that is an excuse to go elsewhere for pleasure. Would cheating be and option? What about an open relationship? How about swapping partners?  We’ll try and figure it out tonight.

Another outlet may be to explore ourselves. Can masturbation solve the problem?  There are certain techniques that definitely rock my world.

As a prelude to the topic we will be warming you up with zodiac descriptions and celebrity buzz.

This will go down tonight (Tuesday) 6-8pm.  Go to wrnu.info and connect.  Call in to be on air at 973 353 5746. Stay informed on our Twitter page @theluvhour.


Today on “The Love Hour” 6-8pm: “Cheating Evolved”

3 Apr

In the good old days, cheating was considered a man’s sport.  While the men were out to play, women would go shopping to heal their wounds.  However, in recent years cheating has gained duality.  Practically anyone could be subjected to the demoralizing act.  Things that were considered FACTS about cheating has drifted into the myth category.  Meanwhile, what can be considered as cheating has made a huge expansion.

Yes, cheating is having sex outside of the relationship.  However, sex isn’t the only form of cheating.  Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm, we will be uncovering the myths about cheating as well as its many faces. Before the topic of the night, we will be addressing all sexy zodiac signs and a recent celebrity hook up.  After the show, we will be toasting the night of with our “Love Thought of the Day.” To tune in go to wrnu.info and click LISTEN LIVE! To be on air, call in at 973 353 5746.  As a reminder, there is also and link on the website to listen via smart phone.

Wait A While…

10 Mar

Mimi and Eunice Comic

I’m not a true follower of the whole zodiac and astrology thing, but it is  quite scary how much truth can be found in this system of beliefs.  So I’m a Aries and apparently I fall in love record breaking fast.  According to astrology, I’m the type to rush into love.  When I take the time to look back on my past relationships,  this love drunk description of my zodiac sign seems accurate.  For example, as a junior in high school, I only knew a guy for  two weeks before he became my boyfriend.  We broke up a month later.

My past relationship that recently ended terribly, brings more truth to the Ariean “rush for love” stereotype.  My ex and I began dating the second month of knowing another.  In addition, I was just a freshman (I chose commitment over the freshman experience).  For three years we ran together strong.  Unfortunately by the end of that third year, the relationship took a toll and had an abrupt ending.  With the way things ended between us,  I questioned whether it was the right choice to jump into a relationship so impulsively.

The first three months of a relationship is considered the honeymoon phase.  Supposedly, a partner’s true self becomes exposed after the honeymoon phase.  Then to make matters more complicated, it is said to take six months to a year to really know your significant other.  However, it is common that this process could take longer.  So if I waited several months longer, would it have been possible to pen point the red flags that ultimately caused the demise of the relationship?  Would waiting have saved me the trouble?

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