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Take it From Martin & Gina

18 Apr

Martin & Gina

Martin and Gina from the 90′s FOX sitcom, Martin, made a showcase of how a young couple should navigate through life as a unit.

Just like Clair and Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable of the Cosby Show, Martin and Gina exemplified the positive black couple.

However Martin and Gina, unlike the Huxtables, can resonate for years to come that it is possible to be hip, fun, professional and undoubtedly devoted to your significant other.

Gina was the college educated career woman who came from a two parent household. She was an independent woman with a mix of stuck-up and down-to-earth.
Martin was the street smart hustler with a gift of gab, but lacked the sophistication that Gina possessed.  Despite these differences, Gina was always the ride or die chick and Martin would do anything for his “baby” no matter the cost.

The key to their successful relationship is the love and respect they had for one another.  Gina always let Martin be the man of the relationship no matter how unreasonable he was. Martin allowed Gina to be independent, feminine, and sexy.  She was the Queen of his Kingdom. They could have ended their relationship numerous times but they didn’t, showing that anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Martin & Gina Show Their Love with \”Fire and Desire\”

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