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VH1 Tells Us What Makes Men Undateable

19 Apr

Last year around this time, VH1 aired a five-hour special called Undateable.  This show was based on the book                  ” Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won’t be Dating or Having Sex” by Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle.  Due to time contraints, the show highlighted the top 100 things guys do to make them undateable.

The show educates men on what certain things they can do, say, or wear can be viewed as early warning signs of trouble to women.  Things that seem okay to a guy, can be total deal breakers for a girl.  Not only does this fun show teach men about the mistakes they possibly make, it teaches women on how to judge certain indiscretions as just “Red Flags” and others as the total “Kiss Of Death”.

Celebrities like Selita Ebanks, Ray J, Fantasia, Morningwood, and the cast of Jersey Shore are featured in the show to assist in the educational experience.

Some of these dating DONT’S include:

– Mandals with socks

– gross fingernails

– The V sign

Barry Ferguson showing how it is done witout the tongue

– Tighty whities

– Going dutch on a date

– Talking about the ex on a date

– The C word

– Crazy laugh

– Ed Hardy from head to toe

Jon Gosselin

– No alchohol tolerance

– Man boobs

– bad dancer

– Penis nicknames

– Man purse

Zach Galifianakis – He’s one confident man!

– Nicknames for breast

Top nicknames men give boobs

– Wife beaters

– Jersey wearing

– Picking your butt

Rafa Nadal shows us how it is done

– Clip on cell phone

Oh, Obama!

– dirty car

… And the list goes on.

VH1 is currently airing repeats of the show so feel free to tune in!


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