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Today on the “Love Hour” 6-8pm: He/She Just Not That Into You + Signs Your A Booty Call

23 Oct

I understand that these are topics that are overdone due to the numerous movie adaptations to them.

You know the movies I’m talking about… “He’s Just Not That Into You“… “Booty Call.”

Yet, I feel like they still need to be discussed because although we know there are red flags, we still fall for them.

We can find ourselves giving a person tones of chances and constantly making excuses for why they haven’t let us in. We try to convince ourselves that they are just too busy or going through a lot.

As a result, some will jump through certain loops just so the person can eventually like them.

Well today, I want to give you some forewarning that can bail people out of this predicament.

Look forward to a unisex list on if a person is just not that into you. Additionally, we will have separate list for the men and women (I mean, we are from different planets). Lastly (my favorite) signs that you are just a booty call.

In the beginning of the show expect our weekly zodiac description, celebrity buzz, and (a newbie) the question of the day [What would you do to get out of the friend zone?].

Don’t be shy to call in and give your opinions on air @ 973 353 5746. Tune it @ wrnu.info.




Today on The Love Hour 6-8pm: SERIAL DATING

2 Oct

This evening expect us to dissect the various definitions of serial dating.  We will be taking a look at the “old school” meaning all the way up to the modern day one.  There is also one then more type of serial dater, so look forward to tips on how to decipher from them.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to serial date.  All are not bad.  Some of us may need to gain more of a serial dater mindset while others should lessen the one they have already.

All of this above will be discussed after our weekly zodiac descriptions and celebrity buzz.  Tune in from 6-8pm by going to wrnu.info.  Be on air @ 973 353 5746



The Passing of a Song Princess

14 Feb

Whitney Houston, a musical icon of this era, was pronounced dead last Saturday at 3:55 p.m. after her assistant found the scarlet’s body in a bathtub of a hotel room in the Beverly Hotel of Beverly Hills with her head under water and her feet emerging in the air. She was 48.

On the eve of her death, Houston gave her final performance at Club True, a LA club the held a crowd of about 400 people .  On stage, she accompanied singer Kelly Price in a rendition of the class American spiritual, “Jesus Loves Me.”

Her cause of death remains unknown until the LA coroners office receives word from the taxonomy, a wait that may take six to eight weeks. Contrary to public opinion, no illegal drugs were reported in Houston’s autopsy.  Prescription drugs are the major concerns.

Yesterday, Houston’s body was flown in by Tyler Perry’s private plane to her hometown Newark, New Jersey.

Her funeral is said to take place Saturday afternoon at New Hope Baptist Church, where her talent was founded.  So far the ceremony will be an intimate gathering with invite only.

Houston will always be remembered for “I Will Always Love You,” a song she sung originally written by Dolly Parton that was at the top of the charts and featured in the movie “The Body Guard.” This song will always be a favorite of mine.

Today, look forward to “I Will Always Love You” and some of Houston’s other hits to be played on “The Love Hour” tonight from  in honor of the beloved musical songbird.  Go to wrnu.info and click LISTEN LIVE!  Reminder: There is a link to listen via smart phone.

Today on “The Love Hour”: Intercultural Relationships

31 Jan

Today on the “Love Hour” we will be discussing Intercultural Relationships. These type of relationships are not just based on race but other issues like, religion, economic status, an age. Between 6-8pm these areas of interest will all be focused on today. Tune in to wrnu.info and click “Listen Live” or click the link next to it to listen on your smart phone. Be on air at 973 353 5746!!!

Heidi and Seal are No More!

23 Jan

It is official.  The glorified pair, Heidi and Seal, the gazelle and songbird, has casually called it quits. This comes as a shocker to most since this newly separated couple had a reputation for finding new ways to put their love on display for the world to see.

Whether they were getting hot in heavy in Seal’s music video for the single “Secret,” performing a duet at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, annually renewing their vows of their seven-year marriage, or spotted with their four kids, their union looked unbreakable.

Heidi ann Seal with the children

At Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2007

The Today Show even reported to Heidi having a tattoo of Seal’s name, symbolizing her commitment to him.  Matt Lauer of the Today Show jokingly said Heidi has the option of being a spokesperson for Sealy’s Mattresses.   

When justifying the split, it was reported to be unanimous among the two that they have grown apart.  However, TMZ says this is not the case.

According to the entertainment news medium, it was Seal’s temper and career differences that drove this couple to disaster.

Seal and Heidi in the "Secret" music video

Regardless of what caused the demise of the Heidi and Seal reign, the age old lesson to be learned in this situation is not to judge a book by its cover because everything that glitters ain’t gold.

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