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Stereotypes that can Stop PPL from Dating Outside Their Culture: The EBONY Edition

11 Dec


For those who missed out last week, we began our controversial discussion on stereotypes that may prevent us from dating outside our culture. After reminding the audience that this topic wasn’t for the overly sensitive, we touched on ethnic groups like Asians (Indian and Arabic included), Latin/Spanish/Hispanic, and Caucasian. This conversation needed the whole show.

When our time came to an end, we all agreed that it will take another whole show just to explore the stereotypes of racial-profilingthe black woman and man. Let’s be honest, out of all ethnicity those of African descent may face the most judgment. Don’t expect this show to be merely on African American women and men. We are approaching stereotypes of pure Africans, West Indians, Jamaican, and other islanders of African heritage. It should be interested. So if you are eager to tune in today from 6-8pm,  go to wrnu.info to listen LIVE! Be on air to join the conversation at 973 353 5746.

If you wanna catch up with the discussion, tune into last week’s show by following this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7dk7twbbi5h78kg




Today on “The Love Hour”: Intercultural Relationships

31 Jan

Today on the “Love Hour” we will be discussing Intercultural Relationships. These type of relationships are not just based on race but other issues like, religion, economic status, an age. Between 6-8pm these areas of interest will all be focused on today. Tune in to wrnu.info and click “Listen Live” or click the link next to it to listen on your smart phone. Be on air at 973 353 5746!!!

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