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Wait A While…

10 Mar

Mimi and Eunice Comic

I’m not a true follower of the whole zodiac and astrology thing, but it is  quite scary how much truth can be found in this system of beliefs.  So I’m a Aries and apparently I fall in love record breaking fast.  According to astrology, I’m the type to rush into love.  When I take the time to look back on my past relationships,  this love drunk description of my zodiac sign seems accurate.  For example, as a junior in high school, I only knew a guy for  two weeks before he became my boyfriend.  We broke up a month later.

My past relationship that recently ended terribly, brings more truth to the Ariean “rush for love” stereotype.  My ex and I began dating the second month of knowing another.  In addition, I was just a freshman (I chose commitment over the freshman experience).  For three years we ran together strong.  Unfortunately by the end of that third year, the relationship took a toll and had an abrupt ending.  With the way things ended between us,  I questioned whether it was the right choice to jump into a relationship so impulsively.

The first three months of a relationship is considered the honeymoon phase.  Supposedly, a partner’s true self becomes exposed after the honeymoon phase.  Then to make matters more complicated, it is said to take six months to a year to really know your significant other.  However, it is common that this process could take longer.  So if I waited several months longer, would it have been possible to pen point the red flags that ultimately caused the demise of the relationship?  Would waiting have saved me the trouble?

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