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Today On “The Love Hour”: What Women Should Live By Because Men Actually Respect It

7 Feb

Should women live life with caution or actually like it is our last to live?  Should woman preserve the sexy or let their “freak flag fly” with new encounters?  What kind of perspective should a woman have to make her ?  How can the phrase, he who wants the rose must respect the throne, be interpreted? In addition to answering these questions, we will be discussing “Celebrity Love”  along with other hot topics. 

Tune in today from 6-8pm by going to wrnu.info and clicking LISTEN LIVE.  Next to this link is another link which makes it convenient to listen to the show via a smart phone.  If you want to be on air and join the conversation call in at (973) 353-5746.  Additionally, you can “like” us on our Facebook page to chat with us during the show!


Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm…

24 Jan

Today on the “Love Hour” we will be introducing East Orange, N.J native Lamar “Mar. Melo” Lucas, a 23 year-old  proclaimed rapper and ghostwriter of Yung Hu$tl3 Muzik GrouP (YHMG).

Throughout the show we will be officially airing his music, including his hot hit “Up and Away,” featuring Jay $padez and JuJu, two other talents of  YHMG.

Listen to “Up and Away”

Cover of "No Sleep" mixtape released Dec. 23rd

Mar. Melo will also be joining in on the topic of the night: “When Being a ‘Bitch’ Works”.  This topic was focused on in a previous post.

Keep up with Mar.Melo on Facebook, Twitter, and YHMG’s Youtube Channel.  Make sure to check out his other music releases on Soundcloud.com.

Tune in to the “Love Hour” tonight from 6-8pm by going to wrnu.info and clicking LISTEN LIVE.  We have also made it capable to listen to the show on your mobile device.  To be apart of the show call in at (973) 353-5746 to be on air.

Happy Endings and Beautiful Beginnings: A Woman Abducted a Decade Ago Finds a Soulmate

24 Jan

Elizabet h Smart and Matthew Gilmour, seen in this photo from Facebook on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012, are engaged to be married this summer.


Just as one marriage spoils in Hollywood, another ignites among a youthful couple.

Elizabeth Smart, the Utah native who was kidnapped, held captive, and sexually assaulted by  homeless street preacher Brian David Mitchell and his wife Wanda Barzee in 2002, is now engaged at age 24.

Good Morning America reported that Smart and the soon to be groom, Matthew Glimour, 21, plan to make it official this summer.

Glimour, from Scotland, met Smart in the south of France soon after he lost his father to cancer.

Both are members of the Mormon religion, and rumor has it that the couple met at a Latter-day Saints mission in France.

This happy ending proves time a time again that darkness always comes before the light.

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