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Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence, Evelyn Lozada Left With Head Injury

13 Aug

The Sun Sentinel released news that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was arrested Saturday night in Davie, Florida for domestic violence.

It was a vehicle altercation between him and his new wife Evelyn Lozada who is a star of the reality show Basketball Wives.

During an argument in the car, the Miami Dolphin head-butted Lozada. While the couple were driving home the argument arose over a condom receipt Lozada found in the car, according to KTLA News. Lozada was assaulted by her husband when they reached their driveway. Lacerations were evident on her forehead when authorities arrived.

Chad Johnson Mugshot

The Global Grind reported that the Miami bred athlete said it was an accident while his wife told police the opposite.

Johnson has been arrested in the past for a domestic dispute in college.

As the wide receiver is still apprehended and awaiting to see a judge, his wife is reported to still be in the hospital. TMZ says she may require stitches.

USA Today said Johnson predicted his arrest during the premiere of HBO’s new season of Hard Knocks. The footballer said he promised to get arrested during his time off. In the video below go to the 40:25 mark.

The two were married this summer on Independence Day. The wedding is suppose to be apart of their upcoming reality show called “Eve & Ocho.” The show should air in September.


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2 May

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