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We Talk Sexual Expectation 6-8pm @ on “The Love Hour”

20 Nov


Sexual expectations started off with gender expectations. If the guys ventured off with their pecker they were saved with the excuse “boys will be boys.”  However, for the ladies a step out of line can coined them has the neighborhood slut.

This possibly could have influenced the sex drive between men and women.  Men are stereotyped to yearn for sex more while women need the emotional aspect.

Now let’s play devil’s advocate…what if these roles were reversed?  The man lacks the sexual appetite while the woman is on the prowl.

As a matter of fact, in today’s society this can be the case.  In regard to women, they are definitely catching up to men (some passing them) in sexual drive.

We have to factor in experience and our cultural surroundings that also influences our sexual expectations. Location? Porn?

Then there is the relationship scenario.  People have geared certain sexual expectations to the couple life.  What is worse, they may use these expectation to determine whether their union is working for the best.  The thing that couples need to realize is that sex is not a cycle in relationships.  They should see it as forever changing. An infinitive opportunity to evolve.

Whether your single or non, we will end it off with great sex positions that can get anyone closer to those expectation (orgasmic).

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Boris Kodjoe Shows His Fans Appreciation on Twitter During the NBA Finals

13 Jun

Portrait from

Just when you think celebrities where lacking in humility and unavailable, this famous Pisces proves us wrong.  Yesterday during the Thunder vs. Heat game (NBA Finals) Boris, who I have loved since his “Soul Food” days, went crazy on Twitter giving recognition to majority of fans.  I was one of them (click link below).  After tweeting a picture I took with him in 2009 out side of club LIV in Miami’s Fountainebleau hotel the star gave me a quick shot out.  Follow him @BorisKodjoe and maybe you too can be blessed with the rare experience.

Outside of Club LIV Miami Spring Break 2009




When Boris Showed Me Love On Twitter

Today on “The Love Hour,” from 6-8pm: “Battle of the Sexes: The Games We Play”

24 Apr

Nowadays one sex is as complicated and complex as the other sex. In the past, women were suppose to be the big mystery while the men were as straight forward as they come. However, recent developments have suggested that women are left with big questions marks in their heads when dealing with their male counterpart. While men are still wrapping their heads around the games women play, women currently struggle with the tricks up the male sleeves.

Today on “The Love Hour,” from 6-8pm, we will be discussing the games both sexes play, how to see right through them, and how some games are worth the while.


Go to and click LISTEN LIVE!! To be n air call us @ 973 353 5746.

Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm: 21+ Questions about Love and Sex

10 Apr

Last we after the cheating show, the radio crew and I headed over to McGovern’s for some drinks, food, and great conversation.  Once we got there and were in the midst of a good time, I had the great idea of going around in a circle and asking everyone the same question.  When the hour two questions arose:

1. What is your favorite feature on a man/woman?

2. What is your most shallowest turn off?

The questions definitely varied and were quite entertaining. Since I thought it was so much fun I figured we make it the theme of today on The Love Hour.  It will be similar to 1 Girl and 5 Gays a show on Logo, and MTV Network. However, today’s show will cater to all sexualities.

Expect questions like the following:

– If you had a sexual “to-do” list, what would be on top of the list?

– What’s the dirtiest text message you’ve ever received?

…and so much more!!

Accompanying us on the topic will be Chris Black,an inspiring rapper on the rise.  His song will be featured throughout the show.

As usual, before the questions begin, we will discuss our sexy zodiac signs, some celebrity buzz, and end the show with a Love Thought of the day.

To tune in go to and click LISTEN LIVE!  If want to answer a question or ask one yourself, call in at 973 353 5746 to be on air.

Watch a clip from “1 Girl and 5 Gays”

Today on “The Love Hour” 6-8pm: “Cheating Evolved”

3 Apr

In the good old days, cheating was considered a man’s sport.  While the men were out to play, women would go shopping to heal their wounds.  However, in recent years cheating has gained duality.  Practically anyone could be subjected to the demoralizing act.  Things that were considered FACTS about cheating has drifted into the myth category.  Meanwhile, what can be considered as cheating has made a huge expansion.

Yes, cheating is having sex outside of the relationship.  However, sex isn’t the only form of cheating.  Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm, we will be uncovering the myths about cheating as well as its many faces. Before the topic of the night, we will be addressing all sexy zodiac signs and a recent celebrity hook up.  After the show, we will be toasting the night of with our “Love Thought of the Day.” To tune in go to and click LISTEN LIVE! To be on air, call in at 973 353 5746.  As a reminder, there is also and link on the website to listen via smart phone.

Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm: Intellectual Foreplay

20 Mar

So did you hear  about ANOTHER reality show that VH1 is about to air called Couples Therapy?  It actually should be called Celebrity Couples Therapy because it is full of reality stars and has beens.

Even though I love the guy, I hate to see DMX on the show with his wife.  The network previewed this clip of him going crazy screaming “I NEVER WANTED TO GET MARRIED”.  The show also features Vienna Girardi who won The Bachelor season 14 with her current boyfriend, Kasey Kahl, who happens to be a former The Bachelorette season 6  contender. I even recognized this gay couple on there who starred in  The A list New York,  a reality show on Logo. There relationship was known to be based on the physical more than anything else.

As I was watching the preview of this show I contemplated on how destructive these relationships seemed. It looked like they didn’t even know how to communicate with one another.

Then I took it upon myself to Google intellectual love, which brings me to the topic of today’s show.  Upon my search I discovered Intellectual Foreplay. The link introduced me to this book, the title being the same as our topic with an author by the name of Eve Hogan (please view my prior post).  Maybe it was this Intellectual Foreplay these celebrity couples were missing.

Today on “The Love Hour” we will investigate what it really means to use Intellectual Foreplay.  Additionally, we will explore reasons why this method is so crucial to use before going the distance with someone you just met and guidelines on how to utilize the method.

Furthermore, expect our infamous zodiac sign sex tips and our Thought of the Day ( a new addition to the show).

To listen in go to and click LISTEN LIVE!!! To be on air call in @ 973 353 5746. Remember there is a link to listen via smart phone and we can now be heard on speakers throughout Rutgers-Newark campus.

20 Mar

Intellectual Foreplay To Be Discussed Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm

Heart Talk Radio Blog

Have you ever noticed that we tend to choose our partners by “looks good” or “feels good” only to wake up in the midst of relationships that really aren’t good?! One of the biggest mistakes we make at the beginning of a relationship is not asking enough questions. We tend to ask more questions about a car we are buying than about a lover, potential life mate or parent to our children.

When taking on any other endeavor—a business relationship, buying a house or appliances—we wisely ask a whole host of questions to ensure that we make the right choice. Can you imagine buying a house because it looks good and feels good without examining the costs, the condition of the property, serious damage, needed repairs, your readiness to move, your commitment to the payments, the previous owner’s readiness to sell, what the neighbors are like, and on and on?…

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Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm: Is Sex Essential to a Relationship?

6 Mar

It is a golden rule that a guy is less likely to be committed to a woman if sex comes before the relationship.  It is kind of like why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.  I preach this time and time again.  I also try to practice what I preach.  I have been withholding myself from the actual act not because I have to but by choice.  It has been for quite some time now…like months.  Still, this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been on the membrane.  I’m just waiting for that special someone who I can give my all.

I remember how it is when a monogamous relationship first begins.  It is exciting and the sex is phenomenal.  As time progresses and we begin to see our partner for who they really are, there is a change in the frequency of sex.  When a relationship goes through trials, sometimes sex is the last thing on the mind.  However, is this acceptable?  Instead of becoming detached after a heated argument, would it benefit a couple to just have sex and make it all better?  I remember how fun make up sex use to be.  It almost made me forget about what we fought about prior.

So should couples use the art of sex as a daily tool in keeping the relationship at a level plain?  It is a scientific fact the sex is a necessity to both sexes so reneging it couldn’t be healthy to a male or female.  Experts say the benefits of a healthy sex life go way beyond stopping an argument.  Today on “The Love Hour” we will be holding an in-depth discussion on the topic along with daily horoscopes and celebrity buzz.

Make sure to tune in today from 6-8pm by going to and clicking “LISTEN LIVE.”  Additionally, there is a link to listen via smart phone.  To be apart of the topic on air call in at 973 353 5746.

New Day and Time for the “Love Hour” @ WRNU: The Campus Beat

18 Jan

Hello ladies and gents,

I’m back in gear with this whole blogging thing.  My first post of the year is dedicated to “The Love Hour,” a internet based radio show that I host at Rutgers-Newark.  Topics usually center around love, sex, dating, relationships, and single hood.  Along the way, we tend to be accompanied by special guests.  Normally the show airs on Wednesdays 6-8pm.  However, this spring semester we want to try something different.  Our new time slot, starting next week, is now Tuesday 6-8pm.  To listen, all you have to do is go to and click LISTEN LIVE.  I will also provide a link below.  Additionally, the station has made it possible to access shows via your mobile device.

Throughout the rest of the year, you can look to Unscriptedlovers (this blog) for the latest on the “Love Hour” and WRNU.

WRNU: The Campus Beat

Wait A While…

10 Mar

Mimi and Eunice Comic

I’m not a true follower of the whole zodiac and astrology thing, but it is  quite scary how much truth can be found in this system of beliefs.  So I’m a Aries and apparently I fall in love record breaking fast.  According to astrology, I’m the type to rush into love.  When I take the time to look back on my past relationships,  this love drunk description of my zodiac sign seems accurate.  For example, as a junior in high school, I only knew a guy for  two weeks before he became my boyfriend.  We broke up a month later.

My past relationship that recently ended terribly, brings more truth to the Ariean “rush for love” stereotype.  My ex and I began dating the second month of knowing another.  In addition, I was just a freshman (I chose commitment over the freshman experience).  For three years we ran together strong.  Unfortunately by the end of that third year, the relationship took a toll and had an abrupt ending.  With the way things ended between us,  I questioned whether it was the right choice to jump into a relationship so impulsively.

The first three months of a relationship is considered the honeymoon phase.  Supposedly, a partner’s true self becomes exposed after the honeymoon phase.  Then to make matters more complicated, it is said to take six months to a year to really know your significant other.  However, it is common that this process could take longer.  So if I waited several months longer, would it have been possible to pen point the red flags that ultimately caused the demise of the relationship?  Would waiting have saved me the trouble?

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