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Stereotypes that can Stop PPL from Dating Outside Their Culture: The EBONY Edition

11 Dec


For those who missed out last week, we began our controversial discussion on stereotypes that may prevent us from dating outside our culture. After reminding the audience that this topic wasn’t for the overly sensitive, we touched on ethnic groups like Asians (Indian and Arabic included), Latin/Spanish/Hispanic, and Caucasian. This conversation needed the whole show.

When our time came to an end, we all agreed that it will take another whole show just to explore the stereotypes of racial-profilingthe black woman and man. Let’s be honest, out of all ethnicity those of African descent may face the most judgment. Don’t expect this show to be merely on African American women and men. We are approaching stereotypes of pure Africans, West Indians, Jamaican, and other islanders of African heritage. It should be interested. So if you are eager to tune in today from 6-8pm,  go to to listen LIVE! Be on air to join the conversation at 973 353 5746.

If you wanna catch up with the discussion, tune into last week’s show by following this link:




Today on the “Love Hour” 6-8pm: He/She Just Not That Into You + Signs Your A Booty Call

23 Oct

I understand that these are topics that are overdone due to the numerous movie adaptations to them.

You know the movies I’m talking about… “He’s Just Not That Into You“… “Booty Call.”

Yet, I feel like they still need to be discussed because although we know there are red flags, we still fall for them.

We can find ourselves giving a person tones of chances and constantly making excuses for why they haven’t let us in. We try to convince ourselves that they are just too busy or going through a lot.

As a result, some will jump through certain loops just so the person can eventually like them.

Well today, I want to give you some forewarning that can bail people out of this predicament.

Look forward to a unisex list on if a person is just not that into you. Additionally, we will have separate list for the men and women (I mean, we are from different planets). Lastly (my favorite) signs that you are just a booty call.

In the beginning of the show expect our weekly zodiac description, celebrity buzz, and (a newbie) the question of the day [What would you do to get out of the friend zone?].

Don’t be shy to call in and give your opinions on air @ 973 353 5746. Tune it @



Today on The Love Hour 6-8pm: SERIAL DATING

2 Oct

This evening expect us to dissect the various definitions of serial dating.  We will be taking a look at the “old school” meaning all the way up to the modern day one.  There is also one then more type of serial dater, so look forward to tips on how to decipher from them.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to serial date.  All are not bad.  Some of us may need to gain more of a serial dater mindset while others should lessen the one they have already.

All of this above will be discussed after our weekly zodiac descriptions and celebrity buzz.  Tune in from 6-8pm by going to  Be on air @ 973 353 5746



Today On “The Love Hour”: How Media Defined Love and Where We Are Now

25 Sep

Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm we will be analyzing the type of manipulation media places on use when it comes to love and romance. You can also look forward to us dissecting what love really is scientifically. Expect us to ponder the question of why people long for companionship. Is it the same reason why the world has so many serial daters? What is it to be a serial dater? We will conclude the show with a confession from one.

To listen go to and call in at 973 353 5746 to be on air.

Today on “The Love Hour,” from 6-8pm: “Battle of the Sexes: The Games We Play”

24 Apr

Nowadays one sex is as complicated and complex as the other sex. In the past, women were suppose to be the big mystery while the men were as straight forward as they come. However, recent developments have suggested that women are left with big questions marks in their heads when dealing with their male counterpart. While men are still wrapping their heads around the games women play, women currently struggle with the tricks up the male sleeves.

Today on “The Love Hour,” from 6-8pm, we will be discussing the games both sexes play, how to see right through them, and how some games are worth the while.


Go to and click LISTEN LIVE!! To be n air call us @ 973 353 5746.

Today on “The Love Hour”: “Why Can’t I Be Single and Love It?”

17 Apr

Last  week, a co-worker of mine (who happens to be male) called himself hurting my feelings when he said, “…that’s why you are alone.”

When I went home that night I found myself contemplating on the terrible stigmas people have on the concept of being single.  If I don’t have a significant other I must be miserable?

For me that is not the case,  I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.  Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I’m ALONE.  I have other priorities and people in my life that keep me on my toes and room for a relationship is quite slim.

That same night, “Real Time with Bill Maher” was on and Eric Klinenberg, a sociology professor at NYU, made an appearance to talk about his new book, “GOING SOLO: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone.”

Klinenberg’s book explores how and why the shame of be single has shifted to symbol of liberation and how singletons now make up half of the American population.

Today on “The Love Hour,” from 6-8pm, we will be uncovering the reasons behind this recent phenomenon and how it is affecting our current society.

Tune in at and call in to be on air at 973 353 5746

Reason Why Women Can’t Stand Nice Guys

2 May

Not Real:  Nice guys can be too nice.  Women find it hard to trust that.  They feel that bad boys “keep it real” and aren’t afraid to upset like a nice guy is.

Respect:  Woman can’t respect a man they can control.  No girl wants a doormat.  Nice men must learn how to set boundaries a make real demands.

Predictable: If a women is leading a boring and predictable life, she wants someone the total opposite.  She wants someone exciting, surprising, and a challenge.  A bad boy.

Mother Nature: Nice guys rarely need to be saved.  It is in a woman’s makeup to nurture.  Instead of nurturing a child, she will foster the bad boy.  She feels the bad boy needs to be saved and that her love can rescue him.

Fear of intimacy: If a woman is afraid of intimacy, she subconsciously knows she doesn’t have to worry about it with a bad boy.  Bad boys never get close enough to get too serious, but nice guys will eventually want a commitment.

Sex: Women feel a nice guy won’t be good in bed. We sometimes like to be manhandled and think a nice guy won’t be able to take control and get the job done. A bad boy comes across as being able to deliver, even though that may not always be the case.

Hottness: Have you ever seen a bad boy who wasn’t hot?  I’m sure there are a few, but a majority of bad boys are super attractive.  Why do you think they can get away with so much?  On the other hand, when a woman describes a guy as being a “nice guy” usually that is translation for “He is not hot.”

Charm: Nice guys don’t always know what to say, and are sometimes at a loss for words. Bad boys can be very charming and know exactly what women want to hear. However, they eventually switch over to being selfish. By the time they reveal their true colors, the woman has fallen for them and has a hard time letting go.

Protection: Bad boys give off the image that they can protect a woman.  Some women are uncertain whether or not a nice guy can keep them safe.

Life is about balance. Most men fall into either the bad boy or the nice guy category. The ideal man is neither, but walks that fine line between the two. Until men learn how to do this, more often than not, women will choose the bad boy, until they realize that his bad qualities outweigh his good ones.

How To Be Romantic: Sweet vs. Creepy

2 May
 Romantic gestures do deserve a rightful place in the world of dating.  Unfortunately, they can walk the fine line of creepiness.  They can only work when the right person is doing it the right way.  For example, this guy I was dating had planned to come see me at work and he surprised me with a bracelet.  That was romantic.  Few weeks later the same guy jumps on my balcony unannounced like Romeo. That was creepy.  Here are a list of more examples to help you detect the two.

Pulling a “Say Anything.” Pulling a “Say Anything” after you dumped him.
A handwritten letter telling you he has a crush on you. A handwritten letter on your doorstep from the guy who followed you home from the grocery store. (See above.)
Flowers at work. Flowers at work when you haven’t told him where you work.
Surprise dinner reservations. Surprise dinner reservations where he introduces you to his entire family.
A mix CD of songs he thought you’d like. A mix CD of 20 songs he wrote about you.
A small gift that “reminded”  him of you while he was on vacation. A creepy sex toy that “reminded” him of you while he was on vacation.
A picture he sketched of you. An entire notebook filled with sketches of you.
Buying you a new dress that you said you loved. Buying you a skanky dress that you would never ever wear.
Taking you on an overnight getaway when he’s sure your schedule is free. Taking you out of the country for a week without your consent.
Asking you, all old-fashioned like, if you want to be his girlfriend. Changing his status to “in a relationship”—with you!—on Facebook before you’ve discussed it.

Justin Timberlake Gives Love Advice

2 May

In his new movie, Justin Timberlake is guy who become sexually involved with his friend in the movie Friends with Benefits.  However, in reality the singer/actor isn’t in favor of the casual sex with friends scenerio.

“It’s a really good idea until it becomes a bad idea,” said Justin on the Ellen DeGeneres Show with his costar Mila Kunis. “It probably becomes a bad idea really fast.”

Justin, who recently broke up with his long time girlfriend Jessica Biel, says it is diffcult to stop emotions from interfering when sex is involved.

“If you’re going to be intimate with someone at some point sombody’s going to feel something,’ says Justin.  “They’ll develop a feeling but it’s going to b uh, uh.”

Revenge Plastic Surgery

2 May

The New York Post issued and article focusing on jilted divorcees who stick it th their exes by getting revenge plastic surgery.  After a failed marriage, not only will a woman feel devastated but she will feel unattractive and unlovable.  In efforts to build back their self-esteem and erase years, they will seek cosmetic procedures.  A study conducted by the Transform Cosmetic Group in Britain proved that 26 percent of plastic surgery patients are newly divorced women.

New York dermatologist, Marino Peredo recognize that her role with newly single women often goes beyond the medical.

“It’s not about vanity; it’s about sanity,” said Peredo. “I’ve gone through divorce myself, and you feel unattractive and unlovable. A lot of these women say, ‘You gave me 10 years back,’ and if they look in the mirror and like what they see, it really helps get them out of a slump.”

Lisa Oz, author and wife of Dr. Oz, expressed her opinion on the Today Show by saying nothing is wrong with revenge surgery but after a break up, a woman should impove on herself and worry about what is going on in the inside rather than the outside.

Alicia Hunter Before

Alicia Hunter After

Watch all of what Lisa Oz had to say on the Today Show!!

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