We Talk Sexual Expectation 6-8pm @ wrnu.info on “The Love Hour”

20 Nov


Sexual expectations started off with gender expectations. If the guys ventured off with their pecker they were saved with the excuse “boys will be boys.”  However, for the ladies a step out of line can coined them has the neighborhood slut.

This possibly could have influenced the sex drive between men and women.  Men are stereotyped to yearn for sex more while women need the emotional aspect.

Now let’s play devil’s advocate…what if these roles were reversed?  The man lacks the sexual appetite while the woman is on the prowl.

As a matter of fact, in today’s society this can be the case.  In regard to women, they are definitely catching up to men (some passing them) in sexual drive.

We have to factor in experience and our cultural surroundings that also influences our sexual expectations. Location? Porn?

Then there is the relationship scenario.  People have geared certain sexual expectations to the couple life.  What is worse, they may use these expectation to determine whether their union is working for the best.  The thing that couples need to realize is that sex is not a cycle in relationships.  They should see it as forever changing. An infinitive opportunity to evolve.

Whether your single or non, we will end it off with great sex positions that can get anyone closer to those expectation (orgasmic).

Be on air with The Love Hour @ 973 353 5746





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