Today on “The Love Hour” from 6-8pm: Is Sex Essential to a Relationship?

6 Mar

It is a golden rule that a guy is less likely to be committed to a woman if sex comes before the relationship.  It is kind of like why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.  I preach this time and time again.  I also try to practice what I preach.  I have been withholding myself from the actual act not because I have to but by choice.  It has been for quite some time now…like months.  Still, this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been on the membrane.  I’m just waiting for that special someone who I can give my all.

I remember how it is when a monogamous relationship first begins.  It is exciting and the sex is phenomenal.  As time progresses and we begin to see our partner for who they really are, there is a change in the frequency of sex.  When a relationship goes through trials, sometimes sex is the last thing on the mind.  However, is this acceptable?  Instead of becoming detached after a heated argument, would it benefit a couple to just have sex and make it all better?  I remember how fun make up sex use to be.  It almost made me forget about what we fought about prior.

So should couples use the art of sex as a daily tool in keeping the relationship at a level plain?  It is a scientific fact the sex is a necessity to both sexes so reneging it couldn’t be healthy to a male or female.  Experts say the benefits of a healthy sex life go way beyond stopping an argument.  Today on “The Love Hour” we will be holding an in-depth discussion on the topic along with daily horoscopes and celebrity buzz.

Make sure to tune in today from 6-8pm by going to and clicking “LISTEN LIVE.”  Additionally, there is a link to listen via smart phone.  To be apart of the topic on air call in at 973 353 5746.


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